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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Outrageous Intolerable Bigotry, Libya and Getting Completely Charlie Sheened

Outrageous Intolerable Bigotry
Today marked the eleventh death since the start of anti-US protests in Afghanistan since they started three days ago. The protests revolve around the burning of the Qu'ran two weeks ago by Pastor Wayne Sapp from Florida, which US President Barack Obama described as "outrageous intolerable bigotry". In an attempt to reduce the violence across Afghanistan, President Obama released a statement to Afghan television saying "The desecration of any holy text, including the Koran, is an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry. However, to attack and kill innocent people in response is outrageous, and an affront to human decency and dignity."

A poll by the BBC found the majority of people believe foreign involvement in Libya will go on for some years. In response to this the British foreign minister William Hague quickly reassured the British public that the situation in Libya would not become like that in Afghanistan and Iraq, stating ""Let's be clear, if the Libyan regime tries to hang on in this situation, they are internationally isolated, they can't sell any oil". Meanwhile the defected Libyan Foreign Secretary Moussa Koussa is still being question by British police.

Getting Completely Charlie Sheened
Charlie Sheen was booed of stage last night during the first night of his one-man show 'Violent Torpedo Of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option'. Attendees at the event in Detroit have said Sheen was greeted with massive applause but had people walking out as early as only 15 minutes into his show, and to make matters worse, Sheen refused to return to stage after the interval only an hour into his own show. Needless to say many entertainment critics have ripped into Sheen's show, which was supposed to be 'the real story of his life', instead referring to it as series of nonsensical rants.

- What else can Obama do? What are your thoughts on Charlie Sheen?


  1. What a mess. I sure with it was ONLY Charlie Sheen we had to worry ourselves with. I suppose I "suffer" from schadenfreude from time to time...

    Watching that clown crash and burn is highly entertaining!

    Get it? HIGHLY? Man, I crack (HA!) myself up!

  2. lol @ Sheen getting booed. The gravy train of publicity had to end sooner or later I suppose.

    Obama is a major disappointment nowadays and it seems that everything he does just ends up pissing me off. I hope someone in the Democratic party has the balls to offer him a primary challenge. Even though this candidate would NEVER win over Obama, it might hopefully force him to wake the hell up.

  3. Violent Torpedo Of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option
    this guy is just awesome

  4. The world is really on bad shape right now. First the japanese disaster, the libya war, and charlie sheen is really causing a mess around him. :(

  5. hahahah sheen doesn't seem that warlocky anymore, i want to see a trainwreak of one of his shows

  6. Can I just say I am sick of all the charlie sheen coverage??

  7. Sheen is trolling the world and succeeding.

    I laugh harder each and every day. xD

  8. i'd party with charlie sheen.

  9. Charlie sheen walks out in the middle of his own show, because he is Charlie sheen.

    He does not give a fuck, he does what he wants.

  10. why would anyone pay money to see him in the first place lol!

  11. Doesn't really matter what Sheen does, people will still pay him money to see it