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Monday, 24 January 2011

Too hot for TV?

Skins US cast
The US version of British drama 'Skins' has encountered massive opposition stateside following the airing of it's debut episode. The Parent Television Council (PTC) has released a statement opposing the teen drama shown on MTV.

The PTC say they disapprove of the show as it portrays sexual activity and drug abuse using 16-17 year old characters. The problem came about as MTV's production of the drama is nearly identical to that of the original show in Britain, however unlike Britain the legal age of sexual consent in the US is 18.

Original Skins
Officials from the PTC have referred to the show as "...the most dangerous television show for children we have ever seen". Following this statement the PTC put pressure on the show's sponsor, Taco Bell, leading to the fast food giant dropping their sponsorship.

Even without a sponsor the future of this program is still bright as the debut reached an audience of 3.3 million American viewers, this is expected to increase now that 'Skins US' is in the media spotlight. MTV executives have told the show's producers to tone down or cut the explicit content, which could cause problems as the show is already diluted down from the original British content.

Are the PTC correct about the US version being 'child pornography'?
Should the producers be expected to change content because it upsets a few people?
Will the show maintain it's viewers with openly diluted content? 


  1. Did any of my American followers actually see this?

  2. uff.. i hate these kind of discussions...
    even every child! can find real porn and other stuff on the internet...

  3. I try not to watch MTV, or TV in general but if they're going to half ass it (compared to the original) why even bother?

  4. American Skins is going to suck either way! Might aswell just give the viewers what they what until they decide to scrap it.