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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Feeling Safer?

The results from the British Crime Survey (BCS) have been released today showing a 30-year low crime. However, although crime as whole has fallen drastically sexual offenses have risen by 7% to the highest it has been in years.

Chief Constable Keith Brown is happy with the result but say more must be done to reduce sexual offenders. When talking to the BBC Brown said:

"We remain determined to bring to justice people who commit sexual offenses and we are making significant progress in this critical area, particularly around giving victims confidence to come forward and report these crimes and we need them to do so"

The BCS has a secondary section which retrieves information regarding public opinion, this section found that most people felt safer in general mostly due to feeling that the police and local councils were taking action to prevent anti-social behavior.

Home secretary Theresa May is now looking to publish these reports nationally in an attempt to improve public confidence.

All Crime  -7%  
Criminal Damage  -19%
Vehicle Offenses  -14%
Public Violence  -4%
Robberies  -5%
Homicide  -4%
Sexual Offenses  +7%
Burglaries  +9%
Household Theft  +16%

- Do you feel safer?
- Is crime being reduced in the right places?


  1. makes me wonder what the stats are stateside
    we don't have all the surveillance equipment so i bet its higher

  2. almost the same stats as B.C, atleast the crime is going down :)

  3. Crime is down overall but the increase in sexual offenses and household theft makes me nervous. Those two categories are some of the more difficult crimes to solve. Maybe criminals are just getting more intelligent about the types of crime they are committing.

  4. So basically all the really nasty stuff -sexual offenses is down but home invasion is up.

  5. I wish my country could post such stats. To reduce crime at all is a great starting point for a government. Also following you from now on.

  6. nice to hear that the rates are dropping :-)

  7. so basically the stuff noone cares about went down and the bad stuff went up?

  8. It's the law over here that the police publicly publish an independant review of their work every year. It's got to be hard over there though becuase of the sheer size of America and (as you mention) it's relatively low survilance rates.

    It suprises me that you don't have a 'state-wide' equivilent of the BCS though.

    What is B.C?