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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dinner Table Bigotry

A co-chairman of the Tory party spoke out today in a bid to reduce bigotry and racial stereotyping on the streets of Britain. Baroness Warsi who has fronted this campaign since 2009 says that Muslim prejudice has now become socially acceptable in the UK and fears that this may force people into extremism.

Warsi has been well known in the media with regards to her stance on bigotry ever since appearing on the controversial 'Question Time' opposing Nick Griffin back in 2009. Since then Warsi has given nationwide speeches, written articles and has even spoken with Pope Benedict XVI during his visit in a bid to improve Muslim relations within Europe.

Ms. Warsi blames the way in which the faith is described in the media and says promoting Islamophobia is a effective but immoral means of selling newspapers, because of this she says she is stuck in an 'ongoing battle with bigotry'.

Many religious leaders believe the main reason behind this socially accepted bigotry is the public holding the entire Muslim religion responsible for the very few individuals who commit terror offenses in the name of Islam. Warsi feels this can be stopped by having Muslim community leaders force social rejection for those who commit these acts so they cannot be used by the media to represent the entire Muslim community.
- Do you know somebody who has suffered at the hand of a bigot, or somebody who is openly anti-Islam?
- Can papers be sold simply by promoting Islamophobia?
- What more can be done to lower the social acceptance of bigotry and who should be held responsible?

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