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Friday, 28 January 2011

The Right to Fight

Rioters meet police resistance
Egyptian officials and security forces have been place under the highest possible alert ahead of todays expected anti-government rally. The government has released an official statement saying that they were happy to allow for open dialog during the rally but warned of 'decisive measures' in the wake of violence.

The rallies have been ongoing for the last few days and are all based around the removal of the President Mubarak, who has ruled over the Arabic country since 1981. The main organisers of the rally are the 'Muslim Brotherhood' who are Egypt's oldest and largest Islamist organisation.
President Mubarak
 The Muslim Brotherhood have been officially banned from political activity, and in an attempt to limit their influence the government had instigated large disruptions to all internet and phone service within the country.  The rallies are planned to take place after Friday prayers, but the Brotherhood insisted that the rally was not about religion and was open to all who wished to join.

The US, who are a key ally in regards to Egypt, have refused to make any official comment regarding the rallies; however, when asked President Obama did say that the events were based around 'pent-up frustrations'

Even with the Egyptian government blocking media disturbing citizen captured video footage showing police tactics has been leaked online.

WARNING; This video contains  images in which you may not be comfortable seeing.

- What are your thoughts on the matter?


  1. Why after 30 years do they want to remove President Mubarak anyway?

  2. Hmm watched the vid, things do look pretty shitty down there. Following you to get more on this!

  3. Meanwhile, in Italy, Prime Minister fucks underage girls while italians do nothing.

    anyways, nice blog ill follow and support