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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

News in Brief: The NATO Conference, Libyan Ministers and Violent Elderly

The NATO Conference
A conference made up of delegates from over 40 different countries has determined by majority that the allied air strikes should continue in Libya. British foreign minister William Hague led the talks in London earlier today in which Hillary Clinton said the US would do everything within their power to "prevent a potential massacre". Even with the allied forces at hand the Libyan rebels are still being beaten into submission by Gaddafi's main forces.
-Are NATO right in this ruling?

Violent Elderly
A 98-year old man in court today on attempted murder charges is believed to be the oldest man to ever stand trail. Sylvester Nowak from Scotland has been charged after being arrested for trying to use an axe to kill two police officers, however at the beginning of the case Nowak's lawyers pleaded insanity so the case has been adjourned until Nowak completes and mental health assessment at nearby Murray Royal psychiatric hospital.
- What are your opinions on this?

Libyan Minister
Moussa Koussa
The pressure from the air strikes has had some affect at least as one of Gaddafi's closest allies, Libya's foreign minister Moussa Koussa has officially quit and fled to Britain. Upon his arrival in the UK Koussa said that he was no longer willing to represent the country's tyrannical regime, but in a Libyan press conference later on that day Gaddafi said Koussa was only traveling abroad for a diplomatic mission. Prime Minister David Cameron is yet to make a statement.
- How many more will leave?

Friday, 25 March 2011

Purge Violent Extremism II

You all might have remembered the event to counter violent extremism I hosted a few weeks back? After hosting this event I did say I would be uploading the footage of the event so you could all see what it was about, but due to the sensitive nature of the discussions in the footage and being required to protect the identity of our speakers I had to go a different way when making the video. Here is the resulting video:

Let me know what you thought of the video and if you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel that would help get my boss of my back.

Stay Safe
- Obi-wan Mikenobi

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

News in Brief: Disorientation, Money and Beards

The US military have reportedly opened fire upon a group of unarmed civilians injuring six people, one of which a child who had to have his leg amputated. The incident was said to have occurred as Libyan rebels tried to help out a crashed US pilot, who whilst disoriented believed the civilians to be hostile forces and called for the help of a nearby US attack helicopter. Civilian tensions are rising in Libya with fears of the US presence causing further injuries or even deaths as was the case in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Downed US fighter jet in Libya
The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and with it comes a new national budget in most developed countries which is sure to cause a few problems giving the current economical climate. On a personal note, as an Englishman I've got personal tax and national insurance prices increasing as well as an 2% increase on my beloved alcohol and cigarettes (if I smoked).

- How is it in your country?

A Jewish Rabbi is suing the US military for breach of his religious beliefs after being told he could not join unless he shaved his beard. Rabbi Stern feels he was willfully discriminated against and said "I was told my application to join the army would only be accepted if I shaved off my beard". The US military have stated that their rules and regulations are clear on beards, currently the regulations state that beards are forbidden unless the recruit is unable to shave due to medical issues. The US military did go on to say that he would be allowed to sport a moustache as long as it didn't grow past the edges of his lips.

- Who's side are you on?

Monday, 21 March 2011

News In Brief: Obama, Mutilation and Hobbits

The situation in Libya continues to grow more tense as fierce fighting is being reported only 200km (130 miles) miles east of Libya's heavily populated capital city, Tripoli. In a conference today President Obama said that he will be 'playing down' the U.S' role in Libya until receiving a full recommendation from US military commanding officers, and then referred to the invasion of Iraq as the US military "acting unilaterally and without full international support" and had "ended up bearing the full burden"
- Will more Libyans suffer whilst Obama waits?

In regards to the previous story, US Military officials had to reduce their focus on Libya after horrific pictures were published in the German investigative magazine, 'Der Spiegel'. The pictures, said to be only a few of over 4,000, show US soldiers 'disrespectfully posing' with the corpses of Afghan civilians killed in conflict. Since the release of the magazine hundreds of the pictures have been anonymously uploaded to various image boards with reports of some pictures even showing soldiers pretending to have sex with an undressed female corpse and the mutilation and amputation of body parts from various civilian corpses.
- What effect will this have on Middle East relations with America?

Filming for the original J.R.Tolkien novel 'The Hobbit' officially started this morning after many set backs and delays regarding new filming legislation in New Zealand.. The movie's director Peter Jackson had even threatened to take production of 'The Hobbit' to Eastern Europe, but was finally given the go ahead after an 'army' of LotR fans from all over the world took to the streets of New Zealand demanding  production stay where it was. The film is expected to take over two years to complete and will have British comedian Martin Freeman playing the lead role of 'Bilbo Baggins'.
- What are your thoughts on the new film?

Thursday, 10 March 2011

News In Brief: Billionaires, Kinect and Air Strikes

The 'Xbox Kinect' by Microsoft has today entered the Guinness book of world records for being the fastest selling device in history. The Kinect sensor has even outsold the iPod and any version of the iPhone in initial sales with the device selling on average of 133,000 units a day worldwide. As well as profits from the device, Microsoft have also sold over 10million Kinect-based titles.

Do you own a Kinect?

Civil War
France have announced that they will now officially considered the rebel forces in Libya as the country's legitimate government, effectively cutting all ties to the Gaddafi regime. NATO have arranged a meeting later on today to discuss the implementation of a no-fly zone of Libya in an attempt to halt the predicted air attack on rebel controlled cities from pro-Gaddafi militia. The attitude towards foreigners has intensified under Gaddafi, with three BBC journalists being kidnapped, tortured and even being recorded in a mock execution before being released yesterday by Gaddafi militia.

Do we have any right to enforce a no-fly zone?

The record for new billionaires has also been set this week as FORBES adds another 200 billionaires to it's list, six of whom are related to facebook, including founder Mark Zuckerberg. Even with his success with Kinect, Bill Gates has been second place for a second year running now, this time being knocked of the top spot by Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim. This year also saw the biggest loss of money since records began with Ikea founder, Ingvar Kampard, losing over $11billion in only one financial year.

What are your thoughts on this?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

News in Brief: Doctors, Libya and Sheen

Civil War
Airstirikes from pro-Gaddafi militia continue over the rebel controlled port of Ras Lanuf, although thankfully nobody has been thought to have been hurt. Ideas of a diplomatic truce are wavering as Gaddafi's army increases it's strong hold over Libya using heavy machinery such as helicopter gun ships and airstrikes. In an attempt to protect civilians Britain has drafted a NATO outline for the implementation of a no-fly zone over Libya, much like the one used over Iraq during the start of the first Gulf war.

Will this help civilians or provoke the military?

After nearly a month of deliberation and slander between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre, Warner Brothers Television (WBT) have finally sacked the highest paid actor in US television Charlie Sheen. WBT have yet to make a comment on whether or not the show 'Two and a Half Men' would be making a return to the screen after being suspended in late February due to Sheen's 'antics', however as it stands WBT are contracted with CBS to continue the show until early 2012. When asked if he would sue, Sheen replied with only on word; 'big'.

Can/should the show continue without it's lead actor?

British doctors fear that their official slang may be banned for fear of offending the public. The many slang acronyms have been used by doctors on official paperwork for decades but now they fear it may be coming to an end. From a list of hundreds of phrases, here are a few of my favorite examples:
  • Dismissing an irritating patient to hold a TTR (Tea Time Review)
  • Referring to dull-witted / brain damaged patients as LOBNH (Lights On But Nobody Home)
  • Scaling tattooed and/or scruffy patients according to the DBI (Dirt Bag Index)
  • Trauma to drunk patients being down to PFO (being Pissed and Falling Over)
  • Referring to certain children as a FLK (Funny Looking Kid) 
- Would you be offended if you knew what your doctor really meant?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

News in Brief 01/03/11

Actor Charlie Sheen is demanding a raise to $3million an episode to continue filming the hit American TV show 'Two and a Half Men'. Sheen is already the highest paid actor in US television history at $2million an episode but has been in rehab since the show was canceled (on account of his behavior) earlier this year. When asked about his drug problem Sheen replied "I probably took more than anybody could survive. I was banging 7 gram rocks. Because that's how I roll. I have one speed. I have one gear: Go."

- Am I the person who thinks Sheen is a massive tool?

The population of earthquake struck New Zealand held a two minute tear-filled silence today exactly one week after what has been described as the biggest disaster in the country's history. The death toll since the earthquake stands at 154 confirmed dead, but if you add on the number of people reported missing that figure could rise as high as 240, especially when you consider the fact that rescue workers haven't pulled free a survivor since Wednesday. The economical impact of the earthquake is estimated at around £9.3billion ($15billion).

- Do you know anybody affected by the earthquake?

Col Gaddafi has been branded as 'delusional' by many senior US officials after the release of an exclusive interview with the BBC in which he states that all protesters are members of the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda, Gaddafi then went onto to state that he was 'loved by all' in his country. Although the EU have completed the extradition of their citizens many Egyptians are stuck with no place to go, around 2,000 Egyptians an hour flee to neighbouring Tunisia from Libya but say that they are being ignored by their new government.

- Has Gaddafi lost his mind or is he just looking for support?

Equal Rights
An EU court has ruled that the differing insurance premium costs between men and women is 'unfair'. Currently in the EU insurance quota's are charged in accordance with the clients age and gender, for example an 18-year old male is charged on average of £4,400 per annum, whereas a female of the same age would only be charged on average of £2,700 per annum. Insurance companies will be forced to find a middle ground between the two to maintain fair prices, but experts believe that women are likely to see a 25-30% rise in their premiums while men should see a 10% drop.

- Are the changes in insurance premiums fair?