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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

News in Brief 01/03/11

Actor Charlie Sheen is demanding a raise to $3million an episode to continue filming the hit American TV show 'Two and a Half Men'. Sheen is already the highest paid actor in US television history at $2million an episode but has been in rehab since the show was canceled (on account of his behavior) earlier this year. When asked about his drug problem Sheen replied "I probably took more than anybody could survive. I was banging 7 gram rocks. Because that's how I roll. I have one speed. I have one gear: Go."

- Am I the person who thinks Sheen is a massive tool?

The population of earthquake struck New Zealand held a two minute tear-filled silence today exactly one week after what has been described as the biggest disaster in the country's history. The death toll since the earthquake stands at 154 confirmed dead, but if you add on the number of people reported missing that figure could rise as high as 240, especially when you consider the fact that rescue workers haven't pulled free a survivor since Wednesday. The economical impact of the earthquake is estimated at around £9.3billion ($15billion).

- Do you know anybody affected by the earthquake?

Col Gaddafi has been branded as 'delusional' by many senior US officials after the release of an exclusive interview with the BBC in which he states that all protesters are members of the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda, Gaddafi then went onto to state that he was 'loved by all' in his country. Although the EU have completed the extradition of their citizens many Egyptians are stuck with no place to go, around 2,000 Egyptians an hour flee to neighbouring Tunisia from Libya but say that they are being ignored by their new government.

- Has Gaddafi lost his mind or is he just looking for support?

Equal Rights
An EU court has ruled that the differing insurance premium costs between men and women is 'unfair'. Currently in the EU insurance quota's are charged in accordance with the clients age and gender, for example an 18-year old male is charged on average of £4,400 per annum, whereas a female of the same age would only be charged on average of £2,700 per annum. Insurance companies will be forced to find a middle ground between the two to maintain fair prices, but experts believe that women are likely to see a 25-30% rise in their premiums while men should see a 10% drop.

- Are the changes in insurance premiums fair?


  1. It's actually coming to light now that young women are involved in way more traffic accidents than young men. Has to do with the habit of driving distracted. Texting and driving, putting on makeup, doing hair and all that stuff. It's causing a dramatic rise in the numbers. At least here in Canada it is. So yes, I view the change in premiums fair.

    Lybia's leader is a wingnut

  2. i cant believe they still go on with two and a half man, charlie is living the person from his tv series (+drugs +even more whores)

  3. You're not wrong. Charlie Sheen is a huge tool.

  4. Yeah, I wonder why he's getting all the hype? I thought he wrote a letter to Obama saying that 9/11 was a inside job.

  5. nice how by equalizing the insurance rates between men and women they are actually getting more $. lol just divided differently

  6. With all that's happening in the world, Charlie Sheen shouldn't even have all that attention. Who cares about some overpaid actor and his silly antics?!?

  7. holy crap. i thought sheen was clean. time for dr drew to step in.

  8. I wished I earned the same amount of money Sheen earns, too bad I'm not an actor.
    At least I'm not on drugs.

  9. Gaddafi has lost his mind

    and hes trying to take his country down with it.

  10. charlie sheen = awesome lol

  11. The last one is good. It was high time they changed that.

    Gaddafi is nuts as is Charlie Sheen. But one is more dangerous than the other.

  12. i actually like sheen.
    cool blog btw

  13. Charlie is a boss and I'm pretty sure he's doing all this for fun. His publicist who would have set up those interviews wouldn't let him go to them looking all disheveled. In the end who cares he's an actor and is of little significance to the world.

  14. Re: Ghaddafi -- Yes. Yes he has.

    The essential danger is assuming he'll behave in a rational way. Mubarak was a tyrant, but he was a sane man doing what he honestly believed was the best thing for Egypt. Ghaddafi does not care if he has to slaughter every single one of his citizens; he is, as famously put, a Mad Dog.

  15. Charlie Sheen is such a moron, makes me facepalm.