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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Jilted Generation

Short post today, check other post to find out why. Here is the video of my interview with the authors before the release of their book 'Jilted Generation' on the 2nd of February. In case your not aware Jilted Generation is a book that talks about how young people are being over looked in society and now face a massive debt left to us by previous generations. Had to manually upload because YouTube was being a dick.

If you are British and get a chance to download it then gove it a read, if you are not British and are aged between 12- 26 do you feel as though your opinions are being listened to?


  1. very interesting interview. Young people are the future!...
    No, literally. They really are the future, that's not just a line.

  2. I really liked the Prodigy album, Jilted Generation! Nice interview, too.

  3. I sort of feel like the younger generation is looking for answers from the older generation instead of striking out on their own.

  4. Really interesting title, looking forward to it now!