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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Evolution of Protest

Protesters Outside Parliament

Today marks the 16th day since the infamous 'Day of Anger' which marked the beginning of the protests and the anti-Mubarak demonstrators are still holding strong, but unlike only a week ago the protest is one of peace and not of hostility.

Hundreds of protesters now gather at the entrance to the Egyptian Parliament preventing any Government officials from entering, a spokesman for the group said that they would not move an inch until Mubarak conceded to an immediate resignation.  This peaceful protest is taking form all over the country with over 6,000 industry and dock workers going on strike, thus crippling the economy, until Mubarak steps down.
Abdul-Rahman Samir
Sources leaked form within Mubarak's office state that the president fears his opposition may attempt a coup d'etat if he could not resolve the situation, but Mubarak warned that anyone attempting to do so would be acted upon forcefully. In response to this comment Abdul-Rahman Samir, a spokesperson for Egypt's youth, said "...he [Mubarak] is threatening to impose martial law, which means everybody in the square will be smashed, but what would he do with the rest of 70 million Egyptians who will follow us afterward?"

With over 300 confirmed dead the main group of demonstrators have been willing to change their tactics. Unfortunately conflict is still present between opposing protesters outside of Tahrir Square,with a another confirmed fatality at New Valley Provice (300m south of Cairo) only this morning.

- With Mubarak determined to live out his presidency, will peaceful protest be enough?


  1. This is very interesting though its sad how 300 deaths had been confirmed

  2. if the egyptian people remain dedicated to their cause, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before mubarak is forced to step down. after all, what is a president whithout a people at his command? kinda like a general without an army...

  3. I saw this on the news last night. It's like a tent city.

  4. Gah, I hope this gets sorted out soon or its gonna get very bad... >:3

  5. I wish Mubarak would just step down already.