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Monday, 21 February 2011

The Start of Civil War

Protesters before 'massacre'
Libya has become the most recent Arab country to suffer deaths due to protests, with protesters rallying against the country's 41-year old regime under their leader Col Gaddafi.

Officials with Gaddafi say they fear for civil war after last night marked the first large scale conflict between the protesters and supporters of the regime. The streets of Tripoli, Libya's capital city, were filled with civilian conflict into the earliest hours of this morning until Libyan authorities were ordered to use live ammunition to forcefully disperse crowds. After a confirmed 233 dead, the streets in Tripoli now only play host to patrolling authorities.

Col Gaddafi
Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was quick to release a lengthy speech after video footage of what has been described as a 'massacre' was released. In this speech Col Gaddafi stated that he would make some changes to his regime in order to quell protests but warned that he would not be steeping down and that he would 'fight to the last bullet' with protesters if it came to civil war, however Gaddafi did admit that the country's second largest city Benghazi was now under protester control.

Leaders of the US, UK and France have all firmly condemned Gaddafi's actions with senior military and political officials worldwide predicting much more violence, the UK is also the first country to schedule emergency flights out for all British citizens currently in Libya. Oil prices are now at an all time as a result of British Petroleum (BP) pulling all employees out of it's Libyan oil refineries.

- Can anything be done to prevent further violence? 


  1. If the army has to use live bullets against protesters then civil war has already come.
    Gadaffi's time has come. He's ruled for long enough...

  2. I hope protesters take control of the entire country...

    I'm actually glad to see America not stepping in to interrupt in these issues. This is a historical moment for these countries that are revolting, and they need to find democracy on their own.

  3. I watched this video on YouTube of Al Jazeera reporting on the victims of brutality during the protests. Two guys died because they were shot with what's supposed to be less-than-lethal ammo, but half their bodies were covered with what looked like spiked balls or something.

    This ammo is either not actually less-than-lethal, or they were each shot a ludicrous amount of times, way more so than acceptable even if they were violent.

  4. america cannot step in on these this time. It would blow up in their face and start the same thing over here. They dont want us to revolt out of our slavery.

  5. America really does need to just stay the hell out of the situations of other countries more often.

  6. Shooting them is not going to help matters.

  7. Shits going down... again. *shrug*

    By the way, only a matter of time before this happens in America. I'm writing a book about it, actually.

  8. Yup, I'm glad the USA/Canada/ECT are staying out for now.

  9. I have a feeling this thing is going to turn brutal. Everything hinges on the actions of the military again.