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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

News in Brief: Doctors, Libya and Sheen

Civil War
Airstirikes from pro-Gaddafi militia continue over the rebel controlled port of Ras Lanuf, although thankfully nobody has been thought to have been hurt. Ideas of a diplomatic truce are wavering as Gaddafi's army increases it's strong hold over Libya using heavy machinery such as helicopter gun ships and airstrikes. In an attempt to protect civilians Britain has drafted a NATO outline for the implementation of a no-fly zone over Libya, much like the one used over Iraq during the start of the first Gulf war.

Will this help civilians or provoke the military?

After nearly a month of deliberation and slander between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre, Warner Brothers Television (WBT) have finally sacked the highest paid actor in US television Charlie Sheen. WBT have yet to make a comment on whether or not the show 'Two and a Half Men' would be making a return to the screen after being suspended in late February due to Sheen's 'antics', however as it stands WBT are contracted with CBS to continue the show until early 2012. When asked if he would sue, Sheen replied with only on word; 'big'.

Can/should the show continue without it's lead actor?

British doctors fear that their official slang may be banned for fear of offending the public. The many slang acronyms have been used by doctors on official paperwork for decades but now they fear it may be coming to an end. From a list of hundreds of phrases, here are a few of my favorite examples:
  • Dismissing an irritating patient to hold a TTR (Tea Time Review)
  • Referring to dull-witted / brain damaged patients as LOBNH (Lights On But Nobody Home)
  • Scaling tattooed and/or scruffy patients according to the DBI (Dirt Bag Index)
  • Trauma to drunk patients being down to PFO (being Pissed and Falling Over)
  • Referring to certain children as a FLK (Funny Looking Kid) 
- Would you be offended if you knew what your doctor really meant?


  1. i think 2 and a half man is done, saw sheens new "show" sheens korner yet? :)

  2. sheen is like the role he is playing in 2+half man.. but in real life this isnt funny..

  3. Ah, Charlie Sheen.

    Wonder how long he has left?

  4. I really don't know what's wrong with Charlie Sheen, but i'm sure he won't be returning to TV or movies ever again!

  5. long live sheen. he will always be the greatest.