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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

News in Brief: The NATO Conference, Libyan Ministers and Violent Elderly

The NATO Conference
A conference made up of delegates from over 40 different countries has determined by majority that the allied air strikes should continue in Libya. British foreign minister William Hague led the talks in London earlier today in which Hillary Clinton said the US would do everything within their power to "prevent a potential massacre". Even with the allied forces at hand the Libyan rebels are still being beaten into submission by Gaddafi's main forces.
-Are NATO right in this ruling?

Violent Elderly
A 98-year old man in court today on attempted murder charges is believed to be the oldest man to ever stand trail. Sylvester Nowak from Scotland has been charged after being arrested for trying to use an axe to kill two police officers, however at the beginning of the case Nowak's lawyers pleaded insanity so the case has been adjourned until Nowak completes and mental health assessment at nearby Murray Royal psychiatric hospital.
- What are your opinions on this?

Libyan Minister
Moussa Koussa
The pressure from the air strikes has had some affect at least as one of Gaddafi's closest allies, Libya's foreign minister Moussa Koussa has officially quit and fled to Britain. Upon his arrival in the UK Koussa said that he was no longer willing to represent the country's tyrannical regime, but in a Libyan press conference later on that day Gaddafi said Koussa was only traveling abroad for a diplomatic mission. Prime Minister David Cameron is yet to make a statement.
- How many more will leave?


  1. I think NATO is doing the right thing... Hopefully, Libyan will be free soon and that this will end somewhat peacefully...

  2. i think its all about the oil, i see no other reason why they support extremists

  3. I'm hoping for peace!

  4. I think the NATO acted right in this case. Imho they prevented another srebrenica.
    Other than that it is all about securing the oil, and to do that they have to make one side win.