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Monday, 24 January 2011

Right or Priviledge?

Many government ministers have been taken back a step after having their plans to give convicts serving less that four years their right to vote have been dismissed by the European Court of Human Rights.

Ministers now wish to re-appeal but with convicts serving only a year or less, even though they feel these plans may also be scrapped as the European court placed a barring on a the convicts right to vote back in 2004 .

These new plans came about after John Hirst, convicted of manslaughter, won an appeal stating he has had he human rights violated by not being able to vote, stating “..everybody is entitled to the right to vote, no prisoner should be barred.”

Prime Minister David Cameron said the thought of having the ban lifted made him feel ‘ill’. Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan said “The government should be standing up for the victims of crime but instead they are slashing police numbers and giving dangerous convicted prisoners the vote”

- Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
- Do convicts deserve to have their human rights protected?

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